Ferrious presents 3D Design Awards at MMU Graduate Degree Show 2014

Ferrious presents 3D Design Awards at MMU Graduate Degree Show 2014

Friday the 13th wasn’t unlucky for everyone! Ferrious went to MMU School of Art’s  Degree Show 2014 to award two £100 prizes in 3-Dimensional & Interior Design. Whilst we were there we saw many interesting new designs including the ones below – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Gian Luca

Gian Luca was proud winner of the Ferrious 2014 3-Dimensional Design Award.

We know Gian from his earlier collaboration on the Ferrious, MIF & MMU 2013 Project. An excellent student, Gian’s work shows great potential.

Gian Luca small tableGian Luca large tale

Both his tables featured inlaid pattern & laser etching. His rectangular table shows a sound wave, rendered in walnut & the smaller round table details an aerial view of London etched into the top of the table. We were impressed by Gian’s use of technology and CAD combined with really great artisan and making skills.


We liked Joshua Dodds clever interpretation of a salad bowl with servers, which also act as a hanging hook for the bowl. Josh struggled to find anyone to manufacture this large copper vessel and therefore resorted to vacuum formed plastic to create the desired form. His design vision was to use the currently fashionable raw copper for the spun bowl but obviously this was not an option in plastic, so he has cleverly used paint finish to recreate the patina of copper (including greasy fingerprints!). We hope Josh may be able to develop this idea further as it combined a great aesthetic but with a more economic & practical material.

Alice Endersby

Alice Endersby produced a range of really fantastic pendants which utilised laser cut sections laminated together to create multi contoured forms. These lights caught all of our attention & we feel they can be further developed in both production and commission works.

Josie Faith cups

Josie Faith was another of this year’s 3-D Design stars. Her ceramic works displayed considerable development and sophistication, ranging from her clever floral pendant lights to her lovely King’s Shillings mugs – (each one hallmarked with a real King’s Shilling embossed into the bottom of the vessel)

Josie Faith pendants

In Josie’s pendant lights we see a delicate approach including great craft skills combined with the use of a very current floral motif. Watch this space as we think this one may find its way into the market (hopefully with Josie credited as the designer!!).

Peter Greco bike holder

Peter Greco produced a really fun & functional shelving & bracket system cleverly displaying the rather beautiful Harry Hall racing bike. The very simple concept of a cantilevered bracket enables the design to effectively & neatly hold a range of objects thereby making it a really functional and practical system for home use.

Katie Askwith

Katie Askwith cleverly combined metal working skills with a light touch and a decorative & industrial style to produce her lovely collection of wire pendants, table lights and tables. We all thought the pendant lights particularly effective.

Emma DickinsonEmma Dickinson2

Emma Dickinson’s works cleverly combined dress & pattern making techniques and graphic emblems in a ceramic context. This unusual & original collection resulted in Emma having a successful night and winning several awards. We liked the originality and  great presentation skills displayed.

Felix Bell bricks

Felix Bell pen

We first met Felix Bell working on the MIF/MMU project X collaboration when he and his team developed a range of industrially produced outdoor furniture from a recycled plastic sheet material. At this point we recognised Felix as a great and innovative thinker –  leaning towards industrial and product design, in his final show Felix has developed 2 really fantastic concepts: a recycled interlocking bottle which once consumed can be used as a building block, suitable for a huge range of possible applications (ranging from building shelters in poverty stricken areas to a child’s toy!) and continuing with the environmentally friendly theme a 3-D printed pen which one prints at home and which then bio-degrades at the end of its useful life. We wish Felix well and we are sure that we will come across this new and innovative designer again in the future.

Marta Durlej interior

Marta Durlej was our winner from 2014 Interior Design category.

Marta Durlej work

Her work & final show demonstrates great originality & single-mindedness in the realisation of a scheme concerned with global humanitarian issues. Further to traveling and meeting campaigners involved in humanitarian aid, and in particular the safe transportation and rescue of orphaned children from war-torn countries, Marta has combined a vast range of skills and media including book making, animation and modelling, to express her final project. The story is narrated through the eyes of the animated central character who journeys through childhood experiencing both happy and traumatic times on a journey to a new life – all displayed in the animated film which forms the large centre piece of Marta’s show. Whilst highly unusual in the context of an Interior Designer Graduate show, we all felt that the originality of her idea and its ability to express a narrative make it one of the stand-out works. Marta’s work, if continued in a similar vane, will find expression through a range of exhibition design and institutional possibilities and we all wish her good luck.

Marta Durlej2

We look forward to presenting a selection of the above work at Ferrious soon – watch this space.

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